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Gerry and The Pacemakers

Newsletter No 119.                             Winter 2013/2014

Dear Friends,

Where does time go ? They say as you get older it goes quicker, they are certainly right.  Anyway I hope you are all well.  What a year it has been for Gerry and the boys.  Tours of Australia, New Zealand, Canada plus their own iconic Gerry Cross the Mersey shows which covered the U.K. in between, have all been completed this year plus the latest:-


As the advertising bill said, it was “The Ultimate Line-Up” with Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Searchers, P.J. Proby, The Fortunes, Brian Poole and Chip Hawkes.  It certainly lived up to the billing as virtually every show was sold out with some theatres accommodating two shows on a particular day.  The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury sold out so quickly they filled another night at the first date available.

Talking to Gerry, he said it had been a fabulous tour with great crowds and certainly a 100% success.  He would like to thank all for coming to see the shows.

Obviously there are thousands of miles to be travelled whilst working on a tour such as this one and unforeseen circumstances can arise.  For example on the 31st October the tour was at Llandudno.  The following day it was on the other side of the country in Doncaster.  Many of the artistes travel across in the afternoon.  On this particular day the M62 was closed as a lady had decided to sit on the parapet of a high bridge above the motorway.  This resulted in lengthy delays with some of the artistes arriving at Doncaster with literally minutes to spare.  You will be pleased to know that the certain lady in question came down off the bridge after the police had spoken to her.

When the tour visited Dundee in Scotland the artistes and the road crews were invited out for a meal after the show where they were all presented with a glass plaque as a thank you for all their work in making the tour a huge success.

Several reviews for the tour can be found on the internet by using google, for example as your search engine.  One that I noticed was when the tour hit the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham and was written by a Kevin Cooper and I quote……..

“to many of the mature audience there has never been a more significant decade in the history of popular music packed with vibrant colourful sounds from artists whose hits were built to last and who set the standard by which every generation is measured”………’.Closing the show was Gerry and The Pacemakers, a group who were massive in the 60’s.  They were The Beatles nearest competitors in Britain,  Gerry Marsden and his band burst out of the musical gate being the first to have three consecutive No1’s with their first three releases, ‘How do You Do It?’, ‘I Like It’ and ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’……….  There is nothing that has not already been said about Gerry Marsden.  His bands are nothing less than brilliant, and Gerry himself is a great comedian and certainly one of our most talented scousers.  The hits they performed ‘Don’t Let The Sun’ ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’, ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’ are the iconic ones that we all know and love.  Finishing with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.  Marsden showed that truly good songs will be with us forever……..

…here we have gentlemen of advancing years who are performing nightly on a 40 date tour, who simply love their fans and are grateful that their gigs sell out.  Take note young artists, for longevity in this business, take some tips from these great artists.

The show was billed as Sixties Gold and for me was pure Gold…….

Thanks to Kevin for excerpts from his review.  There are many like this praising this wonderful tour.

As a footnote to the 2013 Gold Tour, plans are already in the pipeline for the Autumn 2014 Tour.


This CD was released to coincide with the recent Sixties Gold Tour.  This is certainly a unique CD in that it contains archive footage of live recordings of Gerry and The Pacemakers from 1963 -1966.  Most of the material is from BBC’s Light Programme (the forerunner for BBC Radio 1 and 2).  It features mainly Brian Matthew and his Top Of The Pops radio programme. Yes the same Brian Matthew that hosts Radio 2’s Sound Of The Sixties every Saturday morning.

Thirteen tracks feature live interviews and recordings.  They are all great tracks featuring a young Gerry.  Nothing has changed as you hear Gerry full of confidence and humour.  The live recordings include Ferry Cross The Mersey, I’ll Be There, Slow Down, Chills, Girl On A Swing, Guantanamera, Fool To Myself, La La La, plus a rare treat ‘You’d Better Shop Around.’

A further six tracks complete the CD with live studio recordings from the 80’s.

It is definitely a great CD for any Gerry fan in that it is different with these superbly sounding recordings from the sixties.


Gerry and The Pacemakers hit the road at the end of January 2014 with their ever popular show.  If you browse the tour dates for this show, it covers most corners of the UK and runs from January-May.


As we all know,  Gerry wrote ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’ in 1964 for his feature film of the same name which he starred in with The Pacemakers.  As many of you  will know if you have travelled on the famous ferry, when it berthes at the Pier Head,  Gerry’s song is always played.  Well now Gerry is the new voice of the Mersey Ferry.

As well as his song being played, every trip  Gerry will voice the new commentary for the River Explorer Cruise.  Gerry said  “It’s an honour to be asked.  I’ve always had a real affection for the ferries.  Everywhere I go in the world people ask me about the ferry that crosses the Mersey.  When I wrote that song for the film ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’ I had no idea that people would still be asking me to play it today”.

In 1985 Gerry was awarded the Freedom Of The Ferries and to date is still the only person who holds the title.

To see Gerry on the ferry talking about his new role visit


Gerry hosted his annual charity golf day in September at Frodsham for the Wirral Holistic Centre.  Several teams competed on the day.  Gerry’s team comprised himself, Ian Ashton (Gerry’s P.A.) Ian Beckett (Gerry’s son in law) and country singer Charlie Landsborough.  After the days golfing it was Gerry who announced the winners.  Now it’s not often that Gerry gets embarrassed but he did this time as he announced his own team as winners.  Ian Ashton had the highest individual score, so well done to him.  A great day out and loads of money for the charity.


Over the last few months, apart from Gerry’s 50th Anniversary, we have had the 50th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, which has resulted in programmes on the TV.  On the radio we have heard programmes remembering 1963.  With most of these programmes Gerry and The Pacemakers have been mentioned and their music played.  In particular Walk Alone being adopted as the football anthem.


Plans are being prepared for a possible USA Tour next summer.  Details on this website when to hand.


I would like to thank Gerry, Ian Ashton and Kevin Cooper for their help with this newsletter.

Finally on behalf of Gerry, The Pacemakers, Ian Ashton, Robert Pratt (Gerry’s Manager) and myself, I would like to wish you all and your families a Very Happy Christmas and healthy New Year.

Thanks for your support.

Until Next Time,

Walk On.

Phil Tucker.

May 212013

Dear Friends,

‘Here’s Hoping’ everyone is well.  Those opening two words came from a track on Gerry’s first  U.K.  LP ‘How Do You Like It?’ in 1963.  In the early days ‘Here’s Hoping’ formed the punchy opening for Gerry’s stage performances.  It is hard to believe it is fifty years since Gerry hit the top of the charts with his first three releases,

‘How Do You Do It?’, ‘I Like It’, and ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.  A unique achievement and one that lasted for thirty years.  We’ll catch up with the 50th Anniversary a little later.

Well let’s see what’s been happening since the last newsletter.


The Justice Collectives Hillsborough Single ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’, made it to No 1 at Christmas,  providing both funds for the legal costs of the families involved in the tragedy and also publicity to the world in the families fight for justice.

A bronze plaque was fixed to the Liverpool World Capitol of Pop Wall of Fame by Gerry on the 22nd February.  This was to celebrate the 57th No 1 by Liverpool artistes.  The wall was opened in 2001 by Lita Roza who was the first Liverpudlian artist to have a No 1 single with ‘How Much Is That Doggy In The Window’ in 1953.  Liverpool boasts the most No 1’s of any city in the world – a fete recognised by the Guinness World Records.  Gerry of course, has a few bronze plaques on this famous wall in Matthew Street.

At the Liverpool Music Awards held on April 19th the Justice Collectives single ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’ won the Inspiration Award.  Well done to all those involved in the project.


Record label EMI have produced a new video shot across Merseyside, to the Liverpool anthem, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.  Local actors, sports persons and musicians, as well as local people feature in the film.

Gerry said the film captured the passion of the people of Liverpool and was a fitting setting for his 1963 No1.  Managing Director of the film company who made the video, Wayne Godfrey said, “The video pays homage to the iconic song, a legendary band and a great city.  It really is a video for the people”.

The video can be seen on


Gerry completed his sell out tour of Australia and New Zealand on April 7th.  The Australian Tour was billed as his ‘Farewell Tour’ and the New Zealand Tour with fellow Merseybeaters ‘The Searchers’ as the last great 60’s tour.

With Australia being such a vast continent, it was early morning departures to catch planes, trains etc.

The New Zealand Tour commenced in Christchurch on March 27th. ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ was adopted by the people of Christchurch as an anthem to a moving

Commemorative collection of photographs taken in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.  Some of the comments received after his Australian and New Zealand Tour were :-  “Gerry was fantastic.  He still has a great voice and his humour hasn’t changed over the years ……..”  “Gerry Marsden closed the show once again singing all his hits plus more…….  He still has an excellent voice and is also not a bad comedian”.  “Gerry still has the same sound and strong voice….. the voice of Gerry was out of this world”.

Whilst in Australia and New Zealand, Gerry was interviewed several times by both the television and radio networks.  Some of those can be viewed and listened on and other areas of the internet by using Google.  As you know Gerry is always very amusing when interviewed.


Gerry and The Pacemakers have been and are still touring the U.K. with their Gerry Cross The Mersey Show.  I managed to catch the show when it came to Ilkley, West Yorkshire recently.  It was great to see everybody again as it had been a while since I had seen them.  As mentioned in previous newsletters, the show is always different everytime you see it.  Gerry was on top form and soon had the audience clapping and dancing in the aisles.  The Pacemakers, (Tony Young, Steve Thompson, Joe Mitchell and Nick Woolgar) are always brilliant.  Colin and Paul, Gerry’s sound and road crew also do a great job as does Ian Ashton, Gerry’s PA. who keeps his eye on everything.  A great team and a great show.

It was good to hear Gerry sing ‘Girl On A Swing’ which was his last U.K. release with The Pacemakers on the Columbia Label in August 1966.


This tour which commences on September 25th in Cardiff sees Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Searchers, The Fortunes, P.J. Proby, Brian Poole and Chip Hawkes.  These acts between them had 50 top forty hits (co-incidental for the 50th Anniversary) including 7 No 1’s.

It is fifty years since Gerry and The Pacemakers hit the top of the charts with their first three releases, but it must be remembered that they were first formed in 1959.  Before that Gerry had fronted several skiffle groups.  The years before they broke through, served as their apprenticeship with regular work around Merseyside and the North West including the world famous Cavern Club and trips to Hamburg, Germany where they played from dusk til dawn in a gruelling stint.  This is where they learnt their stage craft.

As you will see on the tour dates page, the show visits most parts of the U.K.  All the venue web sites are listed with the dates and tickets are on sale now.




Gerry and The Pacemakers are flying to Canada to perform seven shows from May 24th – June 2nd.


Corinne Gibbs of Hampshire sent me an article about her local theatre The Southampton Mayflower (formerly The Gaumont).  It tells of the 50’s and 60’s when all the big names in pop played there. It mentions Gerry and The Pacemakers topping the bill in October 1963, including Cilla Black, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, The Bachelors and Del Shannon.  50 years on and the package tour is still as popular.

Thanks Corinne.


As mentioned last time BBC four repeats documentaries quite often and Gerry is often seen on programmes such as The Brian Epstein Story, Roy Orbison, Love Me Do etc.



A few more milestones to conclude:-

1985.  Gerry records ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ with a host of stars known as ‘The Crowd’ to raise money after the horrific fire at Bradford City Football ground.  It reaches No 1.

Gerry is the subject of ‘This Is Your Life’ and is presented with the red book by the late Eamonn Andrews.

1989.  Gerry along with Holly Johnson, Paul McCartney and The Christians record Ferry Cross The Mersey after the Hillsborough disaster.

Gerry leads the singing at F.A. Cup final between Liverpool and Everton.

1990.  Gerry and The Pacemakers are in summer season with Little and Large at The Grand Theatre Blackpool entitled Rock With Laughter.

1993.  Gerry’s Autobiography entitled ‘I’ll Never Walk Alone’ is published.

1994.  Gerry tops the bill with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ at Anfield as the famous Kop is changed from standing to all seater.

1996.  Gerry stars in his own musical about his life and career, ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’.  It tours the U.K. and ends its run at the Lyric Theatre in London’s West End.

1998.  The very last show of Sooty with Matthew Corbett had Gerry as special guest.

1999.  Gerry appears in his own show ‘An Audience  With Gerry Marsden’ at the Everyman Theatre Liverpool as part of the city’s Beatle Fest.

2001.  Gerry headlines a tour entitled ‘Reelin and a Rockin’ which is supported by other 60’s artists.

2003.  Gerry is awarded the M.B.E, for charitable services by H.R.H. Prince of Wales.

2004.  Gerry Cross The Mersey Tours and another successful American Tour.

2006.  Gerry tops the bill at the world famous Matthew Street festival in Liverpool.

2007.  Gerry is at the Cavern Club in Liverpool as it celebrates fifty years since its opening in 1957.  Gerry has a cameo appearance on BBC 3’s TV production ‘Liverpool Nativity’ in which he is the Captain of the ferry.

2008.  Gerry is busy with charity concerts and meets the Queen as part of Liverpool’s 08 celebrations.

2009.  Gerry received The Freedom Of The City for his services to Liverpool.

2010.  Gerry accepts his Honorary Fellowship from Liverpool’s John Moores University for his outstanding contribution to the Performing Arts.

2011.  Amongst other overseas shows, Gerry plays gigs in Phillipines.

As Gerry and The Pacemakers head out this Autumn on their 50th Anniversary Tour, the story continues.

I would like to thank Gerry, Ian Ashton, The Pacemakers and Corinne Gibbs for help with this newsletter.  If you have any interesting articles that we can share, please send them into the website.

Until Next Time,

Walk On,

Phil Tucker.

Dec 132012

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all well.  Here we are at the end of another year as I write this letter.  Looking back at my opening lines from the last newsletter (116), I obviously spoke too soon; I mentioned the warmest day of the year so far; since then it has hardly stopped raining.

Anyway let’s move on and catch up with what has happened and what’s in  the pipeline.


Again this last Autumn tour has been hugely successful, with most venues boasting full houses.  Due to Chip Hawkes being unwell, his place on the line-up was taken by Chris Farlowe who played two shows, the majority being filled by Steve Ellis (of Love Affair).  Thanks to these two artists who came on board at short notice.  Thanks must also be given to The Pacemakers who work incredibly hard at backing Chris Farlowe, Steve Ellis, P.J. Proby and of course our own Gerry.

Gerry was back on top form headlining the tour.  I managed to catch a couple of shows and at both he was given a standing ovation.

Gerry and The Pacemakers have also played several Gerry Cross The Mersey gigs in between the Gold Tour.  These being mainly rescheduled from the Spring and Summer.


Gerry has joined with a host of stars to record The Hollies 1969 classic ‘He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother’.  The song was first aired at Goodison Park the home of Everton Football club to show their solidarity with their Liverpool Football club neighbours.  The idea to make a charity single was initiated by amongst others former Liverpool Lord Mayor and MP Steve Rotheram and project manager Pete Byrne.  From there it snowballed.  Apart from Liverpool musicians who included Sir Paul McCartney, Holly Johnson, Mel C, Rebecca Ferguson, Peter Hooton and of course Gerry, other artists were approached by legendary record producer Guy Chambers.

These included Robbie Williams, Paloma Faith and Beverley Knight.

Gerry travelled down to London, that same night Gerry was back at The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall as part of the 60’s Gold Tour.  Everybody involved with the single has given their time free and all monies raised are to support the Hillsborough families fight for justice and to raise funds for any future legal costs.

The single was premiered at St. Georges Hall, Liverpool at the end of November where artists, including Gerry and representatives of the families attended.

A video to compliment the single was released a few days later and can be seen on .  It would be great if this single, which is released on December 17th, could become the Christmas No 1 for 2012.  The Hollies reached No 3 in 1969, so let’s hope this version can climb two rungs above it and become Liverpool’s 51st No 1 and raise large funds for the families of the 96.

It is envisaged that a documentary of the making of the single will follow.

Gerry has always been involved with the Hillsborough Families with his first involvement being the charity single in 1989 of his own ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’.  On this single, he was joined by Paul McCartney, Holly Johnson and The Christians and it was produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman.


As I am sure most of you who attended the 60’s Gold Tour will have noticed, Bass Player Garth Watt Roy has left the band.  Unfortunately Garth has suffered with his back for a while now and he was finding it very hard on stage and also driving to the gigs.  I am sure you will join with me in wishing Garth all the very best for the future and thank him for the part he played in the band.

As a replacement we welcome Joe Mitchell and as we have seen already an accomplished musician who has fitted in perfectly.

The current line up is:-

Tony Young – keyboards, Guitar, vocals.

Steve Thompson – Lead Guitar, vocals

Joe Mitchell – Bass guitar, vocals

Nick Woolgar – Drums


Gerry will travel to Australia in late February where he will commence an 18 date tour entitled ‘50th Anniversary Farewell Tour’.  The tour starts in Queensland on the February 28th and culminates in Perth on March 23rd.

Gerry then follows onto New Zealand where he is joined by fellow Merseybeaters, The Searchers with whom he will perform 10 shows between March 27th and April 7th.

After a break Gerry and The Pacemakers will be back on the road in the U.K. during April and early May with their Gerry Cross the Mersey Shows.

Late May and June they are visiting the U.S.A. and Canada.

In the autumn they will be joining forces again with The Searchers on their 50th Anniversary Tour, along with The Fortunes, PJ Proby, Brian Poole and Chip Hawkes.


Gerry appeared on BBC Breakfast on October 25th whilst touring with the 60’s Gold Tour.


Gerry was featured in the BBC documentary 62 Love Me Do which was based around the Beatles first release ‘Love Me Do’ in October 1962.  It showed news, world events and everyday life in 1962 as well as showbiz news.  This documentary is often repeated on BBC Four.


Gerry and The Pacemakers single ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ entered the pop charts at No 12 on September 16th last.


I was sent a copy of the programme relating to the BBC Last Night Of The Proms concert which was held at The Royal Albert Hall in September. On one particular page was an article on Carousel ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’  There was a picture of Gerry and his band (so the caption said), but in actual fact it was a picture of Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas. A fauxpas by the BBC.  Thanks to Garry High who sent me this.  He wrote to the BBC director of the Proms, but heard nothing!!!!!!



As mentioned last time, a few more milestones in Gerry’s career.

1965.  Gerry appears in the American TV show ‘Shindig’ alongside Jack Jones and Woody Allen.  Sell out U.S. tour commences on April 29th at The Brooklyn Fox Theatre in New York.

1967.  Gerry stars in West End Musical ‘Charlie Girl’ alongside Dame Anna Neagle and Derek Nimmo.

1970.  Appears regularly on Childrens’ TV with ‘The Sooty Show’ and ‘Hold The Front Page’.

Stars in another musical ‘Pull Both Ends’ about life in a Christmas Cracker factory.

1973.  June 28th 13,000 people pack Madison Square Garden New York for a sixties nostalgia show starring Gerry and The Pacemakers, Hermans Hermits, Wayne Fontana and The Searchers.

1981.  At the memorial service for Liverpool Football club manager Bill Shankly at Liverpool Cathedral, the most moving moment as Gerry singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ for my pal Shanks. God Bless Him.

Many more milestones next time.

Finally, Gerry has asked me to thank you for the cards and good wishes sent to him for his 70th Birthday.

On behalf of Gerry, Ian Ashton (Gerry’s P.A.) The Pacemakers, Robert (Gerry’s Manager) and myself, I would like to wish you all and your families a very Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year.

Thanks once again for your continued support and loyalty.

Until Next Time,

Walk On,

Phil. Tucker.

Dec 132012

Gerry has been involved in The Collective single ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’ in aid of the Hillsborough families’ legal costs in their fight for justice. more>>

itunesiTunes download pre-order link :

sms2or  text “Justice” to 80010 and the track can be downloaded to your phone!

Twitterwe’re on twitter : @JFT96Xmas

facebookand Facebook :

cdand the CD  release is available on the 17th December from all good record shops & supermarkets !!

Aug 012012

Dear Friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you well and I am writing this on the warmest day of the year so far (that is in North Yorkshire), which is great after all the drab and wet days that we have had recently.

I am pleased to report that Gerry is now in great health, after having to cancel his concerts in the first half of the year, and after speaking to him recently, he cannot wait to be back on that stage and entertaining all his fans.

Gerry we cannot wait to see you back on that stage!!!

Thanks for your good wishes to Gerry both by letter and on this website.

Gerry is hoping to be back in early September with his ‘Gerry Cross The Mersey’ shows and then on September 14th he will be commencing :-

THE 2012  60’S GOLD TOUR

This years line up sees Gerry and The Pacemakers supported by good friend Chip Hawkes,  P.J. Proby, and The Animals.  During the 60’s these artists had over forty top 40 hits between them with several No1’s. Again another great line up. The tour visits most parts of England as well as North Wales and Scotland.  The dates and websites for tickets can be found on this website.


As you will see from the tour dates page Gerry will be performing several GCTM shows prior to the Gold Tour.  He will also be undertaking a few of those shows in between the Gold Tour.  These are mainly shows that were cancelled in the late winter/early spring and have been re-scheduled.  There are also some in the calendar for early 2013.


As we all know the country is now in the midst of Olympic fever and the Olympic torches have been making their way around our islands.  On June 1st the Olympic Torch was ferried cross the Mersey from Birkenhead to the Pier Head Liverpool.

Invited guests included local MPs, Mayors and our Gerry who immortalised the ferries of Liverpool the world over and whose song is played when the ferry berths in Liverpool.  It made a break for Gerry during his convalescing.  Gerry said and I quote…..”This is a great thing for  Liverpool and the people of the city embraced this; it’s going to be an evening to remember”.

I like many, watched it live on the BBC news channel and there were literally thousands of people there.  A great site of the Liverpool waterfront and the weather was good.

The Mathew Street Festival which takes place over the Bank Holiday weekend in August, will see Gerry make his first public appearance since his illness, when he is due to appear at The Cavern.  Visit the Cavern website for details nearer the time.


It will be fifty years next year that Gerry and The Pacemakers entered the charts with their first release ‘How Do You Do It? In fact it entered the charts on March 14th 1963 and shot to No 1. ‘I Like It’ their second release did the same.  Both songs were written by Mitch Murray and when he offered them a third song Gerry decided to record ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, a song which he featured in his stage act for many years.  This went straight to No 1 making Gerry and The Pacemakers the first band in pop history to have their first three releases all hit No 1.  This feat was recognised in the Guiness Book of Records and stood for twenty years when it was equalled by another Liverpool group Frankie goes to Hollywood.  Ironically the B side of one of their hits was Gerry’s ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’.

1964 saw more hits including ‘I’m The One’ ‘Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying’, ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ And ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’.

If ‘You’ll Never Walk alone’ was the anthem for football then ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’ was the anthem for Liverpool and its people.  Gerry wrote it as the title track for his film of the same name.  It was in effect the first song by a Mersey group referring to their home town.  The Beatles ‘Penny Lane’ came almost three years later.

During the next newsletters we will look back through the last fifty years and pick out the many milestones that Gerry has achieved.  Plans for 2013 will be announced as they are revealed.

My thanks to Ian Ashton for his help and I am sure you will join me in wishing Gerry both best wishes as he completes his recovery and also congratulations for September 24th on his 70th birthday.

Also best wishes to Pacemaker Tony Young who will be 52 on the same day.

Gerry will also be celebrating 47 years of marriage on October 11th.  We send Gerry and Pauline our best wishes.

Until next time.
Walk On.

Phil Tucker.

Dec 202011

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all okay and despite the economic gloom are looking forward to Christmas, which as I write this newsletter is not far away. So let’s see what has been going on and what’s on the horizon.


Again this has been a very successful tour with sell out houses at the majority of the venues.

The line up of Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Searchers, The Fortunes and Chip Hawkes, proved to be a winning formula.  The headlining acts of Gerry and The Pacemakers  and The Searchers alternated to close the show.  I, along with my wife Jean, saw the show at Bradford

St. Georges Hall on Friday November 18th.  On that particular night The Fortunes opened the show and The Searchers closed the first half.  Both were first class acts.  The second half was opened by Chip Hawkes superbly backed by The Pacemakers.  He gave us all the Tremeloes’  hits, culminating in ‘Silence Is Golden’. Another class act.

Then closing the show Gerry bounced on the stage giving us all his hits, one after another.

The time seemed to fly by.  In no time at all, we were into ‘Walk Alone’ where the whole audience were on their feet wanting more.  Gerry did not disappoint and gave a reprise of ‘Walk Alone’.

All in all a brilliant show, with a fantastic line up.

After the show, I went back stage to see Gerry and who did I bump into but Dave Burgess.  Dave was the Pacemakers drummer in the late 70’s early 80’s.  He was there with his family and it was great to see him.

After the show at Baths Hall, Scunthorpe, Gerry visited the local primary school  the St. Augustine Webster School the following morning as the children there had been involved with a 60’s project.  The children were delighted to see Gerry who took part in a question and answer session.  He spent time with them before taking to the road for the show at Bradford.


Gerry and The Pacemakers continue their musical journey throughout the U.K. with their own unique show ‘Gerry Cross The Mersey’.  This show is different everytime you see it, as Gerry sings those songs that influenced him and tells the stories from those heady days of the sixties.

They commence their 2012 tour at the Queens Theatre in Hornchurch and will be visiting most parts of the U.K.  Keep visiting the tour dates page on this website as more dates are being added.



A  farewell tour of Canada and U.S.A. is in the pipeline for 2012/2013 and a U.K. Autumn  60’s Gold tour is also planned. with acts to be confirmed.  More news when to hand.



This time we look at the month of December in years gone by.

The single ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’ was released on 17th December 1964 with the U.K. E.P. ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ also being released.  It contained a further three tracks namely ‘It’s Just Because’, ‘Maybelline’, ‘You’re The Reason’.

Gerry was the subject of’This Is Your Life’ with Eamonn Andrews and this was screened on the ITV on December 8th 1985.

Gerry and The Pacemakers opened a pantomime season at the Theatre Royal Hanley with John Inman and Susan Maughan in Babes In The Wood on December 20th 1988.

On December 2nd 1990 Gerry and The Pacemakers opened at the Doncaster Dome with Gerry’s Christmas Cracker.

From the 2nd-7th December 1996 Gerry was appearing in his own  musical ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’ in his home City of Liverpool at the Empire Theatre.

On December 1st 2001 Gerry and The Pacemakers appeared at the famous Ronnie Scotts Club.

Gerry appeared at the Waterfront Hall Belfast between December 27th-30th 2007 in a show entitled ‘Do You Come Here Often?’ The show was part of an Irish tour and Gerry was the star guest of the famous Irish Show Bands.



Andy Wild has left the Pacemakers for pastures new.  We thank him for his time with the band and wish him luck for the future.


The Gerry and The Pacemakers live CD and the CD entitled simply ‘Gerry’ containing those tracks that are not heard as much as the smash hits, then these will be available at the ‘Gerry Cross The Mersey’ shows.


Gerry’s celebrity golf day held at Frodsham on September 8th raised a considerable amount of money for the Wirral Holistic Care Services.


Finally as this year draws to a close, I would like to thank you all for your continued support and on behalf of Gerry, Tony, Steve, Garth and Mitch (The Pacemakers) Colin and Paul (The great sound lads) Ian (Gerrys P.A.) Robert (Gerry’s Manager) and myself:-

Have a great Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Best Wishes,

Walk On.

Phil. Tucker.

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